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RaceLookup PROTECT Protection Plans

  • Refundable (Fully)
    Cancel for any reason
  • Cover event cancellation

  • Refundable (Prorated)
    Cancel for any reason
  • Cover event cancellation

  • Deferrable
    Following year's event

  • Transferable
    Another person Virtual event Race category

  • Updates
    Personal information


Protection Plan


Protection Plan


Protection Plan

RaceLookup PROTECT is an optional program for race participants that helps protect the participant when purchasing what would otherwise be a non-refundable registration. Adding a race entry protection plan allows the registrant to build a sense of security and peace of mind by offering additional options and no-cost options for managing a race entry.

RaceLookup PROTECT is only offered on in-person race entries and not virtual race entries and only applies to the price paid for the race entry itself. In registrations with multiple registrants, each participant must have separate race entry protection to be covered.

With race entry protection, a participant can cancel a non-refundable race entry no questions asked. When doing so, the participant receives a refund equaling up to the price paid for the race entry.

The amount refunded is dependent on the plan chosen:

  • Registrants with the $15.99 Premium plan receive 100% of the race entry fee back when canceling before the event’s start time.
  • Registrants with the $7.99 Basic plan receive a percentage of the
  • 100% 30 or more days before the event 75% 20-29 days before the event 50% 6-19 days before the event 25% before the event’s start time and up to 5 days before
  • 100% 30 or more days before the event 75% 20-29 days before the event 50% 6-19 days before the event 25% before the event’s start time and up to 5 days before

With a RaceLookup PROTECT protection plan, a participant can also defer their non-refundable race entry into the following year, which is not an option without it.

Protection plans also wave change request processing fees. Race entries can be transferred to the virtual event (if offered), another race category (if available), or another person. Updating personal information in a race entry can also be done. A $15.00 change request processing fee is charged without RaceLookup PROTECT to transfer non-refundable race entries to the virtual event (if offered) or to another person. Without RaceLookup PROTECT, race entries are not eligible for a refund or deferral into the following year.

Purchased optional services may or may not be eligible for a refund and are dependent on the action invoked with the protection plan and its timing. For example, a fee paid to have a race packet mailed is not eligible for a refund when a race entry cancelation occurs after the package’s mailing. Optionally purchased apparel is non-refundable, and optionally gifted donations made to a benefiting nonprofit are non-refundable.

The option to purchase RaceLookup PROTECT is available only at the time of registration. After using a RaceLookup Protect protection plan to cancel, defer, or transfer a race entry to virtual or another person, the protection plan terminates and is no longer usable. Purchased RaceLookup PROTECT protection plans are also non-refundable whether used or not.

RaceLookup also offers the RaceLookup PROTECT race entry protection program to its clients as an optional service. RaceLookup PROTECT helps promote a more positive experience for participants and event planners alike.

This voluntary program helps event planners build stronger relationships and loyalty with their customers. When choosing to offer RaceLookup PROTECT, planners help give their customers the choice of financial security and peace of mind when buying non-refundable race entries.

Offering RaceLookup PROTECT also helps event planners encourage earlier participant registrations by reducing the risk to their customers associated with early registration. In turn, this allows planners to better forecast, plan, execute, and control the cost of producing an event.


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