Timing Services

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Timing Services

Timing & Scoring – The most critical factor to the success of your race is the accuracy and timeliness of its race results. At RaceLookup, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional timing services at a great value, and we will work with you directly to develop and customize your specific timing requirements so that you can execute seamlessly on race day.

A crucial part of the overall success of your race event is the selection of a timing company who has the necessary equipment and associated technologies to efficiently track and record your participants on race day. At RaceLookup, we use the latest German engineered technologies and equipment specifically designed to score and track your run, walk, multi-sport or cycling race event, and we will provide you and your participants with accurate and timely results.

The course and its setup are another crucial part of the overall success of your race event and, if done wrong, can break your timing services and ultimately your whole race event. Let us help you with your course management needs and make sure you have an accurate course that can be followed by your race participants and one that supports your timing requirements.

The best thing you can do to ensure the success of your timing results is to select a timing company with qualified and experienced timers. RaceLookup understands this and the trust you bestow on us when choosing us to provide your timing services. We will use experienced qualified timers with the necessary skills to professionally time your race event at a high level of quality, no matter whether your race is a small one-point timing engagement, a complex multi-sport, multi-category, multi-point engagement or an engagement somewhere in between.

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The race | result Timing System

At RaceLookup we exclusively use race|result German engineered timing equipment, products, and technologies. The race|result timing system has a proven detection rate of 99.9% with 60,000 participants, and it is an industry-tested and trusted brand for timed sporting events worldwide.

You can find race|result timing equipment, products, and technologies used during some of the most prestigious and recognizable race events in the world, such as the Mercedes Benz Corporate Run in Florida, Vancouver Sun Run in Canada, IRONMAN triathlon and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series.

The race | result Timing Chip

The race|result timing chip is designed to work seamlessly with race|result timing equipment, and both are specifically developed to support all types of timed sporting events. The timing chips can be placed on the shoe, a bib, MTB plate, ankle or baton, and are customizable. Depending on the needs for the specific event, the race/result system supports passive transponders (without battery) or active transponders (with battery), not reusable and reusable.

The race | result Race Results Scoring

The race|result software technology works seamlessly with race|result timing equipment to produce accurate and timely results for race participants. It is the perfect solution for online participant management, timing, scoring, presenting and publishing. As a part of participant management, the race|result software also supports online registration, which allows for a fully integrated registration and timing platform solution.