Our Mission

At RaceLookup, we work hard to better the lives of those we touch directly and indirectly. As a result, our mission is manifold.

We are commited to
  • Endurance sports which help individuals achieve good physical and mental health.
  • Producing high-quality professional race events and activities for runners and walkers and relentlessly reinventing and improving ourselves year after year with a focus on enhancing runner and walker experiences.
  • Attracting and supporting all individuals with a passion or interest in running or walking and doing so in a fun, exciting, non-threatening, yet competitive, healthy way where everyone feels welcome regardless of fitness level or identity.
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles and personal well-being through the adoption of running and walking and offering a wide range of events, activities, educational materials, tools, and classes that assist runners and walkers in achieving their fitness goals.
  • Providing high-quality professional event management services to nonprofits and businesses, supporting their initiatives and objectives, and placing high importance on doing what is right and best for their success.
  • Attracting and supporting essential causes through partnerships built with other nonprofits, businesses, and individuals and helping to educate by raising awareness and support for these causes within our communities.
  • Creating environments that are fun and enjoyable for all by advocating our support of all individuals. Always respecting #IDEA, (inclusion, diversity, equality, and acceptance), for everyone in all that we do. Supporting other nonprofits, businesses, and individuals that do the same.
  • Creating environments where everyone can come together in settings free of bias that foster camaraderie, positive experiences, and the building of lasting friendships
  • Offering a variety of relevant services from custom medals, apparel, and other merchandise to website design and hosting, registration design and processing, professional photography and videos, photo and video hosting, photo tagging, and more.