Steps below are to help race directors load results in the RaceLook up application.  Loading results will allow frontend users to claim results and view all results in one location.


  1. Log In to your online account.
  2. Click on Race Director Profile
  3. Click on Load Results
  4. In the search field search for your event
  5. Click add results
  6. Upload results file
    • Add Results List – This is a Jason File
    • Upload CSV File
  7. File should have following fields in designated order. (Sample Template)
    • Bib
    • Participant
    • Age
    • Event
    • Event Date
    • Distance (specify as 5 for 5K, 10 for 10K, Half for Half Marathon, and Full for Marathon)
    • Overall Rank
    • Pace
    • Age Group
    • Age Group Rank
    • Chip Time
    • Event City
    • Event State
    • Gun Time
    • Country
    • Team
    • USATF Certified (Yes or No)
    • Boston Qualifier (Yes or No)
    • New York Qualifier (Yes or No)
    • Chicago Qualifier (Yes or No)
    • Event Points (All non-sanctioned RaceLookup events receive 5 points)
    • RaceLookup Acct# (This will usually be blank unless you know a participants RaceLookup Acct#)
  8. View file status under Submitted Results, first status will state pending.  When file is approved within 24 hours RaceDirector will Receive 100 points.

Listing events can help race directors bring awareness to their events. Race directors can use the steps below to create and submit their event listings on the RaceLookup events calendar. Creating searchable event listings on the RaceLookup events calendar helps race directors promote their events to existing and new participants and helps attract and engage these potential participants by offering specials and promotions from within the event listings. Event listings can also help attract volunteers or businesses that may want to advertise, sponsor, donate, or otherwise partner with the event, business, or charity. Race directors need to keep all of their information in their event listings up to date and correct. Updating event listings can be accomplished easily by submitting an event listing change request anytime an update is needed.

Steps to create and submit an event listing:

  1. From the RaceLookup menu, select > List Events
  2. Update the fields in the event listing form
  3. When complete, click > SAVE LISTING to submit your listing

Steps to submit an update for an active event listing.

  1. Launch > Event Listing Change Request
  2. Update the fields in the event listing change request form
  3. When complete, click > SAVE LISTING to submit your change request

Steps below are to help Race Directors create a business account on the RaceLookup application.  Creating an account will allow race directors to submit and track their event’s race results in one place.


  1. From the RaceLookup menu, select > Create New Online Account
  2. Fill in all required fields
  3. For question, Would you like to add a business profile to your online account?, select > Yes
  4. Fill in the business information fields
  5. Select > Create Account, to create your online account with a personal and business profile.

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