RaceLookup Protect

RaceLookup has introduced a new optional program for race participants that protects them when purchasing what would otherwise be nonrefundable race entries during registration. These new RaceLookup Race Entry Protection plans allow participants to build a sense of security and peace of mind when purchasing nonrefundable race entries.

With race entry protection, a participant will be able to cancel their race entry and receive a refund equaling up to the price paid, no questions asked. They also will be able to defer their race entry into the following year or transfer the race entry to the virtual event (if offered) or another person.

Race entry protection only applies to the price paid for the race entry. It does not cover optional apparel or donations and is not an offering on virtual race entries. In registrations with multiple registrants, each registrant must have separate race entry protection.

Registrants with the Premium plan receive 100% of the race entry fee back when canceling before the event’s start time.

Registrants with the Basic plan receive 100% of the race entry fee back when canceling 30 or more days before the event. They receive 75% 20-29 days prior, 50% 6-19 days prior, or 25% when canceling before the event’s start time and up to 5 days earlier.

Those without race entry protection will incur a $15.00 processing fee to transfer their nonrefundable race entries to the virtual event (if offered) or to another person. They will not be eligible for a refund or deferral into the next year.

RaceLookup is actively rolling out this offer on its upcoming events. The price ranges from $7.99 to $15.99 per race entry.

RaceLookup is also offering its new race entry protection program to its clients as a new optional service. This voluntary program helps event planners build stronger relationships with their customers and loyalty.

With race entry protection available for an event, it gives customers the choice of financial security and peace of mind when buying race entries. It encourages earlier registration by reducing risk for the customer and, in doing so, helps planners better forecast and plan for their event. In the end, it also helps promote a more positive experience. It helps maintain the relationship between the customer and event planner when a customer experiences a hiccup that affects their use of a purchased race entry.

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