Frontrunners and Walkers Phoenix

Frontrunners and Walkers Phoenix

Weekly Group Run & Walk, Tuesday, 6 PM

Location – Dreamy Draw Recreational Area

Dreamy Draw Parking & Ramada


E Northern Ave at Piestewa Freeway (SR-51), Phoenix, AZ 85028

Meet in the Ramada area to the south of the trailhead parking lot. Take the Northern Avenue exit off of Piestewa Freeway State Route 51 and head East 1/4 of a mile. The road comes to a dead-end at the trailhead parking lot. Take the stairs, or ramp, at southern side of parking lot to the 1st ramada (top of stairs), for our gathering point.

Run/Walk Options

Run and walk routes combine paved paths and streets. Run and walk routes also include trail runs, light permitting, for which we recommend trail shoes or hiking boots.

Drinking water is not always readily available here, so be sure to bring water. Also, don’t forget your sun protection.